CA Technology you can count on

ULO and DILOS bring you extended conservation periods and neuTEC brings high quality and performing equipment which preserves all the qualities of the fruit in all safety.

Cellostat CS1000A/G
Energy efficiency, which pays for itself

The unique energy consumption management of the Full Cooling Control System avoids peaks without penalizing the cooling power.

Cellostat CS1000A/G
Full optional cooling control

No matter what the cooling agent, defrosting plant or compressors, the control is optimal and energy efficient with the Full Control Cooling System

Cellostat CS1000A/G
Software solutions for universal management

Easy user management, security and access over the Internet are the cornerstones of software solutions for integrated fruit storage.

Cellostat CS1000A/G

Welcome on the new homepage of neuTEC. You can find here the latest information about our products and services. The new concept will bring more transparency and more information. Learn more about the production processes, the technology behind our developments, how open standards and systems are developed.

You will also have the opportunity to see projects realized by us. Not only large-scale plants, but also custom-made appliances for private plants and research stations for fruit and wine.

Furthermore, we have blog with regular posts about the backgrounds of our technologies and the issues dealt by neuTEC. These include fruit storage, cooling control, energy efficiency of refrigeration systems and the new CA technology DILOS.